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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quidditch World Cup!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!!!!!

UMass Quidditch will be playing in the 3rd Annual Intercollegiate Quidditch World Cup this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is being held at Middlebury College, VT. Opening ceremonies start at 9AM and games play until 6PM. The tournament is set up thus:
-Pools of 4 teams. Round-robin gameplay, the two top teams in each pool move on to single-elimination play until the finals.
-UMass is in a pool with Miami of Ohio, Virginia Commonwealth University, and no other than Middlebury College itself.
-There will be 4 fields of play.
-Also attending are Emerson, Harvard, Yale, Boston University, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Vassar, and like a ton of others.

You can watch it all online at and look for the feed under the news section.

Cheer on UMass Quidditch!! Or, like, your own team. Either way, see for yourself the fantasticsy of Intercollegiate Quidditch!
Also see this.

Brooms Up!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Official History Of UMass Quidditch

The University of Massachusetts Quidditch Club began in 1533, with the Pocomtuc Native American Wawamako, which traditionally translates to “Rides With Sticks.” The game of quidditch was played in a form involving hatchets rather than bludgers, resulting in many unsightly injuries. Wawamako himself was unable to see most of the game’s evolution as he was struck with terrible spattergroit soon after starting the team.

Wawamako in the late stages of illness.

The team, however, carried on and evolved without him, becoming involved in King Phillip’s War, known as the “Flying Hatcheteers” to settlers. The established team faded away after the Pocomtuc were decimated, yet the tradition carried on through the centuries.

In 2007, UMass students Matt Drake, a direct decendant of Wawamako himself, and Maggie Henry, who purported a member of the Flying Hacheteers as an ancestor, decided the time was ripe to reestablish the team and take to the air once more, this time as the UMass Flying Minutemen. The first meeting in the spring of 2008 consisted of six people, none of whom (beside the founders) could produce any ancestry to the vengeful tribe. However, Drake and Henry showed no bias and persevered through the semester, and as fall rolled around new faces provided new opportunities.

The fall of 2008 presented a whole host of eager recruits, and though most had never heard of Wawamako, they were interested in the fledgling team. With about twenty regulars, the Flying Minutemen traveled to Middlebury for their first World Cup. Unfortunately, the 250 years between them and their war-like predecessors had softened them, and the harsh wind and unforgiving opponents thoroughly woke the warriors within the Minutemen. Determined to live up to their illustrious past, they challenged Amherst College to a two-game showdown in December of that year. The Minutemen, true to their heritage, took to the air and boxed the ears of Amherst with fisticuffs of strategy, though a sudden death round kept UMass on their toes.

UMass entered the spring semester with a rigorous practice schedule, eyes set for further glory. In April, UMass entered into the Patriot’s Day Boston Tournament alongside Emerson, Boston University, and Middlebury College. In a poetic upset, UMass avenged their World Cup defeat by shutting out Emerson 30-0, lost to BU in a close 70-110 game, and brought Middlebury to their first sudden death game, losing in the end 60-70. Hatchets remained sheathed, and all concluded it was a marvelous day of competition.

Having used the summer to spread the word and rest up for the fall season, the Minutemen returned to the pitch to find an enormous upsurge of interest from incoming first-years, swelling the ranks of the team to thirty regular members. They have planned to attend the World Cup at Middlebury, and even to host their own tournament before the year’s end. With ever an eye on the future and always an ear to the past, the UMass Quidditch Club is ready to face new opponents, friends, and challenges.

Also, check out the Promotional Video:

Brooms Up!

Frost on the Grass, Blood on the Pavement

Every word I transcribe is painful, every thought feels like its slipping away, and yet I must record...

I left the dorm this morning, 8 o'clock, for work, and made it into the LGRC without incident. Before leaving at 11 for Greek, I checked the infection tracking website and found that the ranks of the undead had swelled to over 80. A cold shudder ran down my spine as I realized I would have to walk through campus during prime feeding times. However, I had no choice but to brave the masses.

I walked out, and immediately encountered a member of the undead. I stayed close to the wall, gun at the ready, but he made no move, and I walked on. A wiser man would have avoided the crowds, or hid himself well among them. I struck a bolder, and more unfortunate path.

I walked with the pond on my immediate left, when in the distance I caught sight of no less than 4 of the undead beasts shambling near the library. As if attracted by my gaze, they saw me and began to approach. I held my grenades and gun at the ready, and almost saw an opening to make a run for it, but they had surrounded me. I backed into the bushes by the pond, ready to take them on. They calculated their approach until they were no less than four feet from me. Eyes on all of them, I thought fast on how to get out of it. I would have to make a move soon, or else they would rush me.

And so I diud. I threw one grenade, but it was high and the zombie evaded the throw. I threw another, but it was wide. They moved in. I shot one last dart, one desperate hope for salvation; this one found its mark, and he fell. But there was no timee to reload, for the next one was on me. I was able to wrestl them off, and ryn to class, but not before he had taken a samole of my arm.

I sit heree, tring ti seew thhe keerys on ny keetyboarrd, buiut eveertthing is growwingg dimm for soomme reaasonn i thhink the only waaay to keep my hummanntiy abuot me is too aaquirre somee bbraaiinsss....


Hello Readers of this blog. I am here representing the Unified Human Resistance Association, or the UHRA. We think you deserve to know what happened here. During patrols, we heard scraping, screeching, and otherwise out-of-place noises coming from the room in which Mr. Chan, I assume, lives. Or, shall I say, lived. We knocked on his door, and after some fumbling and more scraping the door opened a bit. What came at us was no longer Mr. Chan, or anyone for that matter. He has become a zombie.

We are currently working on a vaccine for all infected individuals, however it is nowhere near ready yet. For now we have restrained Mr. Chan in a secure location until he can be treated. Do not be alarmed, he will not be harmed and he will be kept from harming others.

In other news, associates of UHRA witnessed a tragic event, namely the death and conversion of one Steven Craft, whom it has come to our attention you are also aquainted with. As we understand it, he was leaving an exam armed with a six-shot NERF gun. As he walked out of Bartlett, three zombies emerged from the bushes around the door. Mr. Craft, gun at the ready, prepared for the onslaught. He got one shot off, stunning the one closest to him. However, the other two ignored their fallen colleague, having eyes only for the strained brains residing in Mr. Craft's cranium. They fell upon him, and the UHRA witnesses saw no more of him, as all but the bright markings of his NERF gun fell beneath the tattered clothing of his attackers. We mourn our fallen comrade.

UPDATE: Mr. Chan has escaped from his restraints while he was in transit to his secure location. Luckily he did not infect nor harm his holders. We will keep you updated, as we have installed a tracker in his body and can monitor his actions.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Day Dawns Red

Finally made my way back up to my room, which could be described more accurately now as a fortress. I've seen things today...

I headed down to my first class, and saw another one of the oddly lifeless yet animated people walking across my path. He made no indication he saw me, and kept shambling on his way. From observation, I had noticed that the people suffering from these odd symptoms shared a single common attribute: they developed a single band of red around their heads. This individual was no exception. I thought nothing of it until I attempted to go eat lunch at Franklin.

A man, fairly tall, was crouched by a bush outside the building. As I approached, his head gave a sudden jerk, and I knew this reeking, dirty being had noticed my presence. I found his lack of personal hygiene wasn't the only thing wrong with him, a stream of blood was dripping from his mouth and I can only guess some poor creature lay in the bush by him. In addition, he shared the red mark on his head that others with the lifeless attitude showed. He slowly, ungainly, and surely stood, blocking my way into the dining commons. He approached, one food slightly dragging behind the other. I backed up, not wanting to tangle with some psychotic college miscreant. Despite his injured leg, he seemed to be gaining speed. Just as I was about to turn and run, I hear the sound of a snap of a NERF gun from behind the man. My attacker collapsed, as my savior reloaded his gun and motioned for me to come with him to the building.

"I take it you know what you just encountered" he said, shaking my hand.
I, shaking from the encounter, just shook my head.
"That there was a zombie. Bona-fide. Here, take this," he handed me a six-shooter, fully loaded. "and these," handing me two socks. "These are your weapons. They'll stun the bastards for 10 minutes, long enough for you to get to safety. Best of luck to you. Don't be squeamish." And he went off, presumably to help out some other unwitting civilian.

Now armed, I ate a hearty meal and set off to my next class. For, if we stop our routine and show fear, we let the zombies win! After class, I made my way to work at the library. On the way, I caught sight of another rank gentleman attempting to use a phone. He too wore the red mark of the zombie. I made my way past him, at which point he saw me. I ran up the stairs onto the plaza of the library, where I stopped and made a stand. Curiously, he seemed to calculate, tried to find an opening. Before he could strike, I threw one of my sock grenades and knocked him out.

I made it up the hill again without incident, but the way down for dinner was a different story. Passing the Dickinson dorm, I went head-to-head with another zombie, narrowly shooting him and getting away while I could. Just as we reached the door to Worcester DC, we caught sight of another zombie charging down the hill to where we stood. Only through the quick thinking of my roommate, Tim, who threw me bodily through the door, were we saved. I saw many a zombie skulk outside the windows, but inside I greeted my fellow humans (we had started identifying ourselves with red armbands). All seemed well for that short hour.

And now, I hear the sounds of humans roaming the night, bravely attempting to eradicate the threat, of zombies converging and devouring those poor souls, and whatever was left, rising again to join the ranks of those who were once its enemies. A chilling thought occurs to me: This time, 24 hours ago, there were 7 of these abominations. Now, there are no less than 58. The infection is spreading. As time goes on, I can only imagine that hope will grow dimmer. However, more are becoming aware of the threat, and are taking action against them. I am one of them. Let us hope that we can prevail over the scourge, for we are all that stands between the zombies and the world.

Nut up or shut up,

Chris Chan

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Twas the Night Before the End...

...And All Through the Campus...

So. I sit here, in front of my computer, listening to some sweet music ("Skeleton Boy" by Friendly Fires, thanks Geen) when it hits me. This swine flu has been showing some odd symptoms, at least here on the UMass campus. I've seen some people acting a little oddly. People not taking showers. Stumbling a lot. Generally acting like they're just going through the motions. It's weird. It's like the life has been sucked out of them. Normally I'd make some reference to the Dementors of Harry Potter, but it just seems...out of place here. I'll be keeping you updated. Stay tuned...

Monday, October 5, 2009

First Month Back = Great

So I've been back on campus for about a month now, and things are going quite swimmingly so far. My classes have been stressful; specifically Classical Greek. With the class meeting five days a week, it feels like we're barreling through the stuff and I'm only just keeping up. However, with determination and CONSTANT VIGILANCE, I believe I can do it. And, its important to challenge ourselves, right?

Also new to this semester is my debut as an OIT Help Desk Consultant. Basically, I take calls from clients who are having troubles with their computers. Its a fun job, and I like the work atmosphere. The $400 check to start off the year didn't hurt either.

The returning element of this here champion's life is my Vice Presidency of the UMass Quidditch Club. This year is shaping up to be truly amazing, and I can hardly contain my excitement at how excellently the club is operating at the moment. There will be more about this in a later post, because I want to address the members directly. We are attending the World Cup, featuring about 20 teams from all over the US and one from Canada (McGill). In addition, we will be hosting our own Veteran's Day Tournament at UMass on November 7th, featuring a few intercollegiate teams. This fall is certainly a busy but fantastic semester.

Back to my classes, my Anthro class is one I have a great interest in. Its focus is reforming the current standardized-testing system of education, which perpetuates inequality and is, simply, broken. With a mother who teaches, I hear the ills of the education system day to day. My final project is a testimony project, taking the opinions and experiences of those who have gone through the system and presenting them to the public. I am quite excited for this.

Something that is certainly new is my seemingly up look on life. Simply put, I have friends, I am learning things I love, and I am doing the things that I love. In reality, is there anything more I can ask for?

I'll leave it here for now. Watch for the open letter to UMass Quidditch soon.