Monday, October 5, 2009

First Month Back = Great

So I've been back on campus for about a month now, and things are going quite swimmingly so far. My classes have been stressful; specifically Classical Greek. With the class meeting five days a week, it feels like we're barreling through the stuff and I'm only just keeping up. However, with determination and CONSTANT VIGILANCE, I believe I can do it. And, its important to challenge ourselves, right?

Also new to this semester is my debut as an OIT Help Desk Consultant. Basically, I take calls from clients who are having troubles with their computers. Its a fun job, and I like the work atmosphere. The $400 check to start off the year didn't hurt either.

The returning element of this here champion's life is my Vice Presidency of the UMass Quidditch Club. This year is shaping up to be truly amazing, and I can hardly contain my excitement at how excellently the club is operating at the moment. There will be more about this in a later post, because I want to address the members directly. We are attending the World Cup, featuring about 20 teams from all over the US and one from Canada (McGill). In addition, we will be hosting our own Veteran's Day Tournament at UMass on November 7th, featuring a few intercollegiate teams. This fall is certainly a busy but fantastic semester.

Back to my classes, my Anthro class is one I have a great interest in. Its focus is reforming the current standardized-testing system of education, which perpetuates inequality and is, simply, broken. With a mother who teaches, I hear the ills of the education system day to day. My final project is a testimony project, taking the opinions and experiences of those who have gone through the system and presenting them to the public. I am quite excited for this.

Something that is certainly new is my seemingly up look on life. Simply put, I have friends, I am learning things I love, and I am doing the things that I love. In reality, is there anything more I can ask for?

I'll leave it here for now. Watch for the open letter to UMass Quidditch soon.

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