Friday, April 17, 2009

Crazy Roman Parties

So, today was the great Roman spectacle for the tour groups that have been coming by our dorm. If I do say so, it was a rousing success. We had the event in partes tres. For Part I, Kyle and I choreographed a gladiator fight with Caesar presiding, seen here:

The ending is cut off, but I picked up his sword and Caesar offered him mercy.

Following that, Caesar (played by Joe) gave a speech which ended in his assassination by Emily and Ariel.

And finally, as Marc Antony I gave a funeral speech for Caesar from Shakespeare's play, seen here:

I think it went really well, though we didn't get much of a chance to get feedback from the guests.

In other news, I have been turned zombie, and zombie I will stay. Sorry about the lack of a journal, there just hasn't been much activity this time. I defeated Dan, the guy who got me, but he came back out before some other guys coming up the hill snagged me. Of course, I got right out hunting with them and caught my first kill, so its all good.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I love pictures, and the memories that go along with them. I seem to have a very "live in the past" kind of outlook. Things are better when looked back at. Whenever I feel down, I flip through the slideshow of my favorite pictures and it never fails to pick me up, because I remind myself that "Hey. Your life is flippin' amazing, so get out there and get something done."
The Romans, too, had this outlook. There was always a desire to, through advancement, return to a purer, simpler time. All throughout the time of the Republic, even while Roman power was extending far over the world, the Romans maintained a sense that at heart they were simple shepherd people working the farms.
The fact that I'm talking about the Romans makes it clear where my sights lie.
Anyway, back to pictures. I seem to have inherited my dad's passion for taking lots and lots of unnecessary pictures. The upside to it though is that among the many pictures there are always the few perfect ones.
I spend a ridiculous amount of time organizing memories, from tagging pictures to editing movies. However, I don't spend so much time that I don't have any to make memories. I think I keep a good balance.
I found this program for Vista that allows you to change your log-in screen to anything you want. So, my latest project has been creating a background highlighting some of my favorite pictures from the last few years. I'll tell ya, it looks really great and it customizes my computer just that little bit more.
I was only able to fit up to graduation, so I might rework it a bit. Anyway, the program is called LogOnStudio Vista, and I believe you can get it for XP too. It has a place where you can download premade images.

PS. This is the final entry before the outbreak. Stay tuned. For my past experiences with the zombie problem, look for the Lazarus Corp. Journals in my Facebook notes.