Friday, April 17, 2009

Crazy Roman Parties

So, today was the great Roman spectacle for the tour groups that have been coming by our dorm. If I do say so, it was a rousing success. We had the event in partes tres. For Part I, Kyle and I choreographed a gladiator fight with Caesar presiding, seen here:

The ending is cut off, but I picked up his sword and Caesar offered him mercy.

Following that, Caesar (played by Joe) gave a speech which ended in his assassination by Emily and Ariel.

And finally, as Marc Antony I gave a funeral speech for Caesar from Shakespeare's play, seen here:

I think it went really well, though we didn't get much of a chance to get feedback from the guests.

In other news, I have been turned zombie, and zombie I will stay. Sorry about the lack of a journal, there just hasn't been much activity this time. I defeated Dan, the guy who got me, but he came back out before some other guys coming up the hill snagged me. Of course, I got right out hunting with them and caught my first kill, so its all good.

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