Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's Up Guys?

So yeah, its been a while since I last updated here. I bet you've all been wondering, what has the Chanimal been up to? Well, let me give you a few highlights.
-Scored a waitress's number, "just in case"
-Played in the Patriot's Day Quidditch Tournament on Boston Common, bringing Middlebury College to its first ever sudden death (UMass lost in the end)
Some footage here:

-Finished my first year of college (When did that happen?!)

-OH HEY MET BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY. I shook his hand, and he told us to "get rich, and dare I say it, CHANGE THE WORLD." Challenge accepted, Bill Nye.


-Went to my friend's prom, which turned out to be more fun than my own.

-Started a Quidditch club in my home town. I'm still trying to get together the equipment, but it is in the works. People will be having fun.

-Well, 3rd Quidditch-related news: UMass Quidditch made an appearance in the June issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids. Definitely check it out, it is a small article documenting the immense popularity of this unique (and, take it from me, incredibly fun) sport.

-Caught up on Supernatural, finished Rome, and now am watching Burn Notice

Also worth noting, Rick Riordan's final Percy Jackson book The Last Olympian came out May 5th and it was excellent. It was a quick read, so if you have some down time during your busy summertime romps, I definitely recommend this. The book culminates in a massive battle for Manhattan, involving all our favorite characters and even a few new ones. Riordan weaved in a parallel to the Iliad throughout the whole novel, taking the tradition of Achilles and putting it into his own characters. Once I finished reading and I realized the allusions he wrote in with great subtlety, it blew my mind.

I am considering getting a Twitter, thoughts?

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