Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shopping Can Be Fun, Honest

So okay guys, shopping is lame. Someone else should just know your size and buy your clothes for you. It is tedious waiting in lines and having to change in the fitting rooms and have people look at you to approve what you have tried.


Shopping is a good time. If you listen to what the people shopping with you are saying. Also, if the people shopping with you are cool. Which has as of late been the case.
My friends, the ladies are on your side. At least, they have your best interests at heart. And with them at your side, you can have a wonderful time shopping. I went shopping with my friend Michelle over break, and I came out with a very affordable selection of new clothes that, if I may say so, made me look awesome. What's more, I didn't change my style too much, just made some adjustments.
Last week, I went shopping (clothes-trying-on?) with my friends Amanda and Zoe. Verdict: success!
The best part of clothes shopping with peer ladies: the reaction. A combination of their good taste and your willingness to comply results in you looking good. When I came out in some outfit, I don't remember which but it was one I would not have picked out myself, the reaction was resoundingly positive. Which is really cool!
Anyway, if you need help with style, talk to your friends. Or my friends, they might be helpful.

Please, Consider the Following:
This here is a webseries based on Floor 5 South at UCLA, and chronicles the adventures of this dorm of freshmen. Basically, it is the college-version of The Office, yet it is entirely original. While most college shows focus on the Greek life, Greek for example (which I am also a fan of), this webseries focuses on the dorms. And it is hilarious.
Every character has their quirks, yet they all could be people we've encountered in our college experiences. I've come to love or love to hate all of them, from the insanely abusive RA Marshall Adams I to the unassuming Danny B.
The show is worth checking out, each episode is only 5-10 minutes long. It's so absurd, you'll be laughing whether or not you've seen things like this in your college experience.

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  1. Chan, if you were wearing a florescent pink shirt with lime green shorts and some girl said it looked good, I bet you'd wear it