Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weather = Mood

So, New England, you fickle mistress you. This weekend, plain and simple, has been amazing. It is so amazing to see people in the bowl outside my window, or doing homework out on the balcony. Spring really does bring life back into the world. It's only fitting that we had a snow day Monday and are getting more cold weather tonight/tomorrow. Oh, New England.

So Friday, we went out to throw the frisbee around for a bit. Then there was some snowball chuckage, ending in a window getting smashed. My friend who did it was in complete disbelief, because it was just a snowball. No worries though, the girl (on my floor) whose window it wasn't too mad about it, we're all friends here. Then, my friend Tim and I watched Star Wars IV, such a wise decision. I haven't watched the movies in a while, and I can't get over how gritty the movie is, how real it is as compared to the prequels or to any movie really. And I love the droids.

Saturday was another great day, so we played some capture the flag. The melting snow provided some excellent mud, and there were a good number of slips and spills. Then, some tour groups came by the dorm, so I donned my toga and when I went to the window there were 60ish people outside. Then I got Tim's lightsaber, and just stood by the lounge while the people toured the hall. I got a great number of looks, I hope they got a good idea of college life.

Of course, we finished off the day with Star Wars V.

Today was quidditch practice, so I got all dressed up in my underarmor and cleats. The field? Muddy as all hell. My team won both games, but not before getting complete head-to-toe mudbaths. There is no way of getting the mud out of my shirt now, but it was very much worth it. Tonight? Obviously Return of the Jedi.

Please, Consider the Following:
If you enjoy a badass classic rock soundtrack, a Mustang car, shotguns, witty dialogue, demons vampires and all kinds of hell, you'll enjoy the show Supernatural, starring Jared Padelacki and Jensen Ackles. These two brothers go around the country killing ghosts, vampires, werewolves, all kinds of killer creatures. My friend describes it by saying that every episode is like its own horror movie. Someone dies in every episode. It's quite a fun show.
This here is my personal favorite clip from the show thus far. At this point, the brothers Sam and Dean Winchester have saved a ton of lives, but they've killed a lot of the people demons were possessing, so they're fugitives. While on a job, they get trapped because it appears that they are robbing a bank. Season 3, Episode 12 ends thus:

The musical cues in the show are fantastic. Also, here's a selection from one of my favorite episodes, Season 3 Episode 12:

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